“So amazing and unlike anything I’ve ever read before!”

Wow – wow- wow…what did I just read? This book was so amazing and totally unlike anything I’ve ever read before! I loved the element of the time travel/ alternate life possibilities, which can really be hit or miss, in my opinion, and feel like Roger Chiocchi really raised the bar here on so many levels I hardly know where to even begin–not only with such great writing, but the fact that this wasn’t the typical book that we see all too much of in this genre. This story is deep and complex, yet very easy to get swept up and lose yourself in. It’s not convoluted or confusing, even though it so easily could have been! From the various timelines, cast of characters that are connected in the past, present, and future – how they intertwine and shift the dynamic of the storyline in shocking, unexpected ways… the brilliant blend of sic-fi, paranormal, mystery, suspense, drama that is not only quite intelligent (even over my head at times with the math and physics/ conscious ) but also entertaining and highly readable. Liked the characters—there are a LOT as to be expected in a novel of this epic length, but I was especially intrigued watching the relationship with Chris and Ophelia and how it all affects poor Shippy…and thought Altieri and Weisman were really something. Loved the ending – it is one eye-popping twist after another right up to the last page. This book makes you think and I like that it has a sort of “philosophical” feel to it as well as a scientific/paranormal element. I thought this book would take me several weeks to get through (due to the length) but it was impressively fast-paced and the chapters were short and made me want to keep reading so it only took about 4-5 days if that says anything….Don’t let the length deter you. It is completely worth it. Highly recommend for fans of scifi/time-travel/suspense. (5 stars). Gillian Hancock—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

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Time Framed

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