“…a fascinating read. I loved it and I think you will too!”

Roger Chiocchi, author of Time Framed, was an executive on Madison Avenue for twenty-five years prior seriously embarking on his writing career. (2019, back cover) He wrote a number one seller on Amazon.com titled Mean Spirits about a ghost and after that Baby Boomer Bust dealing with the recession near depression in 2008/09. Chiocchi is a graduate of Ithaca College and Wharton School of Business.  

This book flips back and forward in time, hence the title Time Framed. The story begins in 1963 on the eastern seaboard of the USA with one Percival Pennfield. Percival is a titan of industry and has amassed a formidable fortune that allows his family a life of privilege and opulence. It is Christmastime and his entire family is gathering in celebration of the holiday. The children have run outside to toss some snowballs when Shippy, the youngest and smallest of the cousins, is tired of being the bane of their snowball fight. He wonders off to the dock overlooking the lake where something strange occurs that changes the direction of his life forever, or does it?

Unable to find what has affected young Ship his family has no alternative except to consult with a top psychiatrist who suggests he move into a sanatorium to be treated for this malady. Reluctantly, his family agrees to this possible path. Shippy is sent there with their sad blessing and a fat donation to spur his doctor to find a cure faster.

The story moves between the entire Pennfield clan over nearly a century and hinges on a curse way before the Shippy incident that turns out not to be a curse as much as a psychic ability that allows them to move back and forward in time unbeknownst to them. Supposedly this ‘curse’ affects every other generation, but is it the curse or something far more menacing?

In the future, as the Pennfield name morphs and merges with an oriental clan they make friends and later enemies with the Bonne-Saari’s who want to press forward with a one world society. A romantic misunderstanding sets the stage for a major the two families to war, but not in the traditional sense of war. Will they end up with one governing body? What will the masses do or is there anything they can do to stifle this progression?

As the story bends forward and back with time the characters get more and more into finding the backstory that brought them to blows.  Was it the curse or was it psychic intervention via time travel tinged with newfangled technological advances and a march toward this one world society where the ruling class gets everything and the remainder get nothing? Either way it was a fascinating read. I loved it and I think you will too!   

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Time Framed

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