“A well plotted race with chess-like moves between characters of different times…”

I really loved reading this book. It is such a good story and full of interesting and amusing characters. Obviously the author must have done a lot of research and must have a very good brain for physics- there is so much in here! But he manages to make it accessible and weave it seamlessly into a fun and rolling story line. Very much like a Stephen King book in that – yes- maybe it could use a wee bit of editing – but the story and the characters are so good that you don’t mind. A well plotted race with chess like moves between characters of different times. Wow! Such a creative concept well executed. I still think about JMP and the other doomed relatives. Oh and there are then equally well developed theories of economics and political take overs. It is a story richly imbued with many ideas yet none of them run each other over nor distract too much from the non stop action and addictive story. Very well done.
– Amazon Reader

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Time Framed

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