“An unfailingly entertaining read….” – Midwest Book Review

Synopsis: A deftly crafted saga of a read, “Time Framed” by Roger Chiocchi is a suspenseful paranormal/sci-fi novel about a revered American family pitted against each other in a vicious battle to determine who will be the victim of a ravaging multi-generational family curse dating back to the Mayflower. The fate and fortune of the family hangs in the balance.

Critique: Author Roger Chiocchi is able to blend a literary mixture of basic science, cutting edge technology, and contemporary politico-economic fears with such timeless themes as hauntings, curses, and the fragility of family pride. The result is an unfailingly entertaining read and a novel that will be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to community library collections. It should be noted for personal reading lists that “Time Framed” is also available in a digital book format (Kindle, $2.99).

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Time Framed

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