I loved this book!

At first it took me a while to really grasp what was happening, but once I got the hang of it, I really like how everything came together, and I enjoyed reading this unusual book! I think Roger Chiocchi writes very well… very descriptive and authentic and we feel like we are there almost like watching a movie or something as we live out all these different ‘lives’ in different times. We see the different stories unfold through several different perspectives from past to present to future to back, with so many different ‘possibilities’ for different scenarios… I mean, who hasn’t questioned if there are other possible outcomes for us, or of there is more going on than what we know… how much is up to us, and how much are we manipulated and not know it? What is our consciousness and how is time and energy manipulated? And it seems like it could be confusing, but it works well and makes sense. There were a few places where I definitely felt some theories were above my paygrade, but I was actually pleased with how it all still worked well with the story – so it wasn’t a barrier, just something I plowed through. Frequently with time-travel stories I feel there are too many open-ended contingencies that aren’t properly addressed, but here it’s like every conceivable scenario examined and even ones you would never imagine–how things are connected (the people though the different times),and the secrets that we may not know. Solid pace and energetic narrative that is descriptive and with a fast flow to the dialogue. Perfect for this type of story and keeps us invested to the ironic end. Recommend for mature readers of scifi and literary (5 stars) Sherrie Warner—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

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Time Framed

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