Robyn Viega

Robyn Viega was born into the wrong PGU (Para-Geographic Governmental Unit). As a member of the 11th PGU she lived a life full of challenges and bereft of amenities.

Brought up in the TEXARK GAB (Geographic Administrative Bureau), she moved out as soon as she became of age. From there, she meandered from Public Housing Area to Public Housing Area until she finally settled down with her boyfriend, Derek Fane, in PHA432 located at the base of an abandoned strip mine in what used to be called Southwestern Pennsylvania.

When Derek became addicted to SMARF, she left him and ran off to the NYCGAB and obtained a job as a V-Way Monitor, monitoring traffic on the virtual highway hovering above where the FDR Drive used to run. After work, she would hang out regularly at a club called Undertaker,  a venue frequented by Sub-100s, those assigned to the lower PGUs.

One night, as she was standing near the bar, she saw a strange man, way too upscale for a place like Undertaker. Then something took over, made her feel different. Suddenly, she was compelled to walk over to him, tap him on his shoulder.

Inexplicably, words formed in her mouth: “What’s a captain of industry doing in a place like this?”

He answered back, “How did you know that?”

Words again flowed involuntarily from her smirking lips: “I know who you are, Mr. Mashimoto-Pennfield.



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