Bryan McPherson


Ex-NYPD, Bryan McPherson was a cop’s cop, and later a detective’s detective, an expert in nano-surveillance and digital security. Born in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, McPherson attended Peter Stuyvesant High, then earned a degree in criminal justice at Fordham before joining the force. After an impressive twenty-five-year career as one of New York’s top detectives, he filed his retirement papers with the force and applied for a job in security at Pennfield Technologies.

He rose quickly to Director of Security Operations for the entire corporation— a critical role given the confidential nature of most of Penn Tech’s projects— reporting directly to CEO and Chairman, Jimmy Mashimoto-Pennfield. McPherson was a key cog in the design and implementation of security procedures for Pennfield Technologies biggest project yet: The Cryonics Initiative.

To JMP, McPherson was a throwback. If you could time-transport him back to the golden days of the force— the Giuliani-Kerik days— he would fit right in, even wardrobe-wise. He had a square face with a jutting jaw, thinning slicked-back black hair, broad shoulders, a stout frame, and a suit that never fit quite right.

Mashimoto-Pennfield considered McPherson competent, loyal but definitely inferior to those in the upper PGUs.

But he could trust him. Or at least he thought.

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