There was only one Narc, yet another creation of Jimmy Mashimoto-Pennfield’s fertile mind.

The creation of Narc was as a result of Mashimoto-Pennfield’s desire for a confidante whom he could trust without question. A perfect holographic clone of Mashimoto-Pennfield, Narc’s memory was filled with exabytes of data, thought-patterns, predispositions, value systems, attitudes and behaviors extracted from numerous brain scans. Then a battery of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms, processing simultaneously at teraflop speeds, were programmed to replicate Mashimoto-Pennfield’s manner of thinking so that Narc would respond to any given situation as would JMP with 99.99999% accuracy. Distributed holotronics— an array of micro-sized holographic projection devices that were immanent throughout the world and connected via the worldwide Qnet, short for Quantum Network— allowed Narc to materialize virtually anywhere.

Quantum by definition, the particles defining Narc could be everywhere and nowhere at once, superimposed or not, probability waves spanning the universe or collapsed particles occupying billions upon billions of precisely-defined points. Narc could slither through the QNet at will, splitting and recomposing himself infinitely, visiting venues, eluding security algorithms, gathering data far beyond the ability of any mere human.

With Narc, JMP would always be discussing his most critical issues with someone of equal intelligence: himself.


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