Jimmy Mashimoto-Pennfield

One of the most successful members ever of the prestigious Pennfield family, Jimmy Mashimoto-Pennfield is widely regarded among the world’s most brilliant scientists and cunning business executives in the mid-21st century. A member of the Apexian nation — the most exclusive of the virtual governments in the new world order instituted in the 2010s by financier Izan Bonne-Saari — Mashimoto-Pennfield is obsessed over the success of his most recent project, the Cryonics Initiative, a project that will unlock the mystery of life, itself.

Haunted by a letter inherited by him from his Great Uncle Christopher detailing the family curse, Mashimoto-Pennfield fears he will be this generation’s victim and that the consequences of the curse will destroy the anticipated success of the Cryonics Initative.

When stressed, Mashimoto-Pennfield resorts to Ganzfelding – a high-tech method of sensory deprivation which frees one’s consciousness to explore other dimensions. During a session, he is warned he will meet a mysterious woman on October 11, 2052.

He fears she may be the contemporary agent of the curse.


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