Dr. Julian Weisman


Teenage wonk turned college hippie revolutionary turned theoretical physicist PhD, Dr. Julian Weisman pursues his passions for black holes, quantum entanglement and wave-particle duality with the exuberance of a child and the intellect of a genius.

If Central Casting could create the perfect prototype of an absent-minded professor, Jules Weisman would be it. Once his mind became absorbed by a subject — any subject, be it physics or his beloved pastimes of baseball and skiing — he would shut out everything else, his mind ruminating over the topic with a singularity of purpose and focus rarely found even on the campus of a prestigious university replete with Nobel laureates.

Weisman is consumed by his pursuit of a theory of physics and consciousness which he intends to someday publish. His co-author and girlfriend, psychiatrist Brenda Altieri, is somewhat less enthusiastic and skeptical.

When Altieri introduces him to her friend Ed Swann, an octogenarian ghost hunter, Weisman senses an opportunity to test his theories.

He is convinced that all time exists simultaneously and that most paranormal activities can be explained as two periods of time temporarily occupying the same physical space.

He can’t wait to find out more.



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