Izan Bonne-Saari

Izan Bonne-Saari was a financial genius with a plan.

After matriculating at the London School of Economics and Harvard Business School, he ventured out on his own, fueled by a ten million dollar investment from his Uncle Norman. He bought a small bank in Sri Lanka, but “small” was never a word in Bonne-Saari’s vocabulary. He used the small bank as a platform to issue stock to acquire other smaller banks until his holding company was large enough to buy mid-sized banks and then grew even moreso to, similarly, acquire larger and larger banks.

Soon he controlled the largest mega global financial conglomerate, Global Multinational Financial Corporation, so big it needn’t answer to any one individual government; in fact it had the power to punish certain governments through international capital flows and currency manipulations. One of the savviest businesspeople in the world, Bonne-Saari realized that most governments would soon be bankrupted by “entitlement” obligations to their masses as the result of progressive social programs. He sought to eradicate this problem by establishing a series of “virtual” governments — no longer based on a peoples’ geographic proximity, but their similarities in terms of wealth, income, education, intelligence and other factors. Each government would be self-sustaining, fending for itself with its own set of laws and taxation and fiscal policies.

He succeeded in implementing his plan by holding countries hostage through his issuance of a new currency, the GCU or Global Currency Unit. By forming an alliance with China, he was able to force most countries to reluctantly adopt his currency. In the end, his actions forced even the mighty United States to succumb.

With this power, he achieved his dream of forming a new world order of virtual governments with himself as Prime Minister of the most elite of the governments, the Apexian nation. When he died in 2042, his son, Ibu Bonne-Saari, assumed his father’s position.

Most citizens of the world celebrated Bonne-Saari’s death, branding him a tyrant.

Little did they realize what would happen next.

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