A great read! Futuristic sci-fi novel grounded in reality – not that far-fetched! – Amazon: 5 Stars

Time Framed is an imaginative and unusual science fiction adventure. What makes it exceptional is that it doesn’t seem all that far-fetched. Yes, it has exciting elements of time travel and paranormal activity, but author Roger Chiocchi’s skill makes it seem nearly plausible. He gives readers an intriguing journey back and forth through time that will leave them hoping for a sequel–or a prequel.

This is Chiocchi’s third book, his second novel. His first novel, Mean Spirits, was unique – a successful blend of history and fiction with paranormal elements. It piqued my interest in the author – his talent seemed genuine, but was it a fluke? Apparently not – Chiocchi has surpassed expectations with the release of Time Framed.

The Pennfields are a prominent New England family who adroitly use their wealth and position to reinforce their economic and political influence. As one would imagine, each generation is imbued with a sense of privilege and power. This multigenerational clan is bound together by their common interest – continuity of their position and all the benefits it provides. They pride themselves on having been one of the founding families who arrived on the Mayflower. But that claim to historical significance has a hidden cost – the Pennfield curse. Certain family members possess unusual psychic abilities, but they don’t realize that the misdeeds of their ancestors will exact revenge on future generations.

Young Shippy Pennfield is a bright, engaging seven-year old. As he plays with his cousins near the dock of the family mansion, he suddenly becomes uncommunicative, as if in an open-eyed coma. Nothing and no one can revive him. Reluctantly, his parents commit him to an institution for treatment. This is the beginning of a quest to discover what caused Shippy to retreat into himself. In an effort to help Shippy and himself, older cousin Christopher is drawn into a dangerous web of overlapping psychic visions of the past, present and future, as the curse targets Pennfields of different generations.

As Time Framed advances into the future, circa 2050, author Chiocchi proposes a futuristic world replete with technological advances and societal changes that seem all too believable. A new world order, defined by wealth and access, offers benefits to upper classes and few opportunities to those without access. And the Pennfields still operate at its core, in a privileged tier poised to gain immeasurable wealth from their emerging new technology. And yet, the curse is not without a new target in this advanced society.

Time Framed may be considered science fiction but it is grounded in reality. Chiocchi has clearly done extensive research, expanding his vision of our emerging technology and applying it to our not-too-distant future. His work is imaginative and descriptive with well-drawn characters and settings. However, some incidents are disturbing and may be too graphic for certain readers. At 600 pages, Time Framed will claim the reader’s attention and hold it until the very end.

Chiocchi is a gifted writer who will surely attract an expanding audience for his carefully crafted works.
D. Mak

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Time Framed

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