Parapsychology plays a major role in Time Framed.


Parapsychology is considered a pseudo-science by many in the scientific community. Most scientists have written off parapsychology as “magical thinking,” but there is at least a hint of a scientific basis to paranormal activity given the Copenhagen School’s interpretation of Quantum Physics. In this interpretation, the consciousness of the observer plays a major role in the collapse of the wave function into particles (matter). This results in a universe which is observer-dependent adding a subjective factor to everyday reality. There are many people who over time have demonstrated a superior psychic sensitivity leading them to experience Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs), Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition and Apparitions. Some people posit that Extra Sensory Perception (the basis for parapsychology) was a trait inherent in early humankind which atrophied away when spoken language was developed. Many believe that animals still possess a form of ESP (anyone with a dog who rushes to the door several minutes before his/her master returns home can give testament to that!).

Parapsychology was studied extensively at the Rhine Center, originally associated with Duke University and named after parapsychology pioneers, Louisa and Joseph Rhine. In their studies, they conducted many experiments attempting to explain parapsychological phenomena.

In Time Framed, the Pennfield family has a genetic trait for psychic sensitivity which allows them to see apparitions, experience OBEs and travel to parallel universes, all considered mainstay phenomena of parapsychology.

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Time Framed

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