Ganzfeld State/Ganzfelding

Half ping pong balls are typically used to cover the subject's eyes to induce a Ganzfeld StateA Ganzfeld State is a state of sensory deprivation which allows the mind the freedom to see beyond the here and now. Typically, a Ganzfeld session consists of a person covering their eyes with half ping-pong balls and pumping white noise into their ears. The combination of the eye covers and white noise creates a bland sensory environment that is devoid of time and space limitations, at least perceptually. People who have psychic abilities have used Ganzfeld sessions to induce Out of Body Experiences where their mind can actually travel to a remote location and retrieve a planted message in real time. Near Death Experiences or NDEs are a form of OBE in which a subject’s mind literally leaves the body during a traumatic health event or accident. During this experience the subject can actually observe what’s going on and recall it once they have regained full consciousness. In Time Framed, the Christopher Pennfield of 2007 uses a rather crude form of Ganzfelding to make contact with the future while Jimmy Mashimoto-Pennfield in 2052 uses a higher tech version of Ganzfelding, which includes levitation, to contact and wreak havoc with the past.

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