Ophelia Pennfield

A child of privilege, Ophelia Pennfield had her quirks, a set of indulgences most ordinary folk could never imagine. An Aquarius, she would visit her astrologer twice a week— more when the situation warranted— never undertaking a major venture nor finalizing a critical decision without first consulting Miss Felicia. It was a habit her honors professors at Wellesley would have never predicted.

A debutante, Ophelia — or “Ophie” as her close family and friends would call her — lived a charmed life, at least on the surface. Manhattan was her playground in the mid-60s; she was invited to all the exclusive events, partied with all the top level celebrities, had an apartment on Park Avenue and a place at the Hamptons.

She was very close to cousin Christopher, their close bond illustrating the very definition of the term “soulmates.”

Consequently, cousin Christopher was devastated when he learned his beloved Ophie was stricken with cancer in the early-1980s.

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