Professor Christopher Pennfield

In his prime, Professor Christopher Pennfield swaggered through life. Impeccably groomed, he could charm anyone he pleased with his quick wit, refined demeanor and unbridled confidence. A considerably vain man, PennfieldĀ  had a sculpted jaw and cheekbones, sparkling teeth, perfectly tweezed eyebrows and his full shock of silver hair.

But then the unthinkable happened, forcing him to flee for refuge in a family estate at Boothbay Harbor.

There he would sit in his old leather chair, stewing in his guilt and shame, feverishly feeding his alcohol habit with an endless array of scotch, wine and other spirits, watching the world pass by through the view from his large bedroom windows overlooking the harbor.

He yearns to redeem himself, but has no idea how.

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Time Framed

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