The Egg

Hovering majestically over the landscape as if a modern-day Sphinx, The Egg is one of Pennfield Technologies greatest feats of technology and engineering. The structure levitates over its moderate temperature superconductor platform, its bottom third filled with a giant tank of water which is repelled by the magnetic nature of the superconductor. There is only one entrance, a giant “hole” in its northeast quadrant. The Egg levitates to keep unwanted visitors out; any sub-100s who work at the facility must take a levi-jet to the entrance hole and go through a rigorous daily screening process to be allowed in; quite simply, The Egg is the most secure building in the world.

Only a very few know what’s going on inside The Egg. It is the nerve center of industrialist Jimmy Mashimoto-Pennfield’s pet project; The Cryonics Initiative. Over 1000 canisters containing cryonically frozen bodies of members of the Apexian nation are stored inside, where the world-acclaimed Dr. Stavros Li-Pin and his team are perfecting a nano-technology solution which will ultimately revive the bodies back to life.

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